Rent Xahau Node

150 XAH


100,000 CLV

When you subscribe, you can use our Xahau submission nodes (MAIN & FALLBACK) with your Evernode host for 1 year. We'll add your IP address to the list of approved users, so you can use our Xahau submission nodes with your Evernode host.Choose the currency you want to pay in: XAH or CLV.Approval of one IP address for one year: 150 XAH or 100,000 CLVIf you pay double: 300 XAH or 200,000 CLV. We will approve two IP addresses for the same duration, and so on...Special Discounts:
More than 10 IP addresses: 30% discount
More than 20 IP addresses: 50% discount
Your IP addresses will be approved within 48 hours after payment.

Please enter the same wallet address in the form that you use for payment.

After we whitelisted your IP address, you can follow the steps below to change your Evernode host config.

Our MAIN node:
Our FALLBACK node:

1. Connect to your Evernode host and run the following terminal command to configure our MAIN Xahau node:

2. Run the following command to configure our FALLBACK Xahau node:

3. Reboot your host with the following command:

4. Check the status of your Evernode host. (If your evernode status is “inactive” after rebooting, please wait for the next “heartbeat” and check your status again.)

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